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At Driftwood Designs, our mission is to stage, organize, and decorate your home to create a living space that removes distraction and prepares your home for resale, the rental market, or simply a warm place for your family to gather.

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Declutter & Organize

Time to clean up the chaos. Let's work on those closets and shelves. Minimize any unnecessary items, organize what you have, and create a happy, stress free environment.

Modern Dining Room
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Decorate and Design

It's all about the decor. Fill those blank walls with an eye catching print, basket, or gallery wall. Let's add some plants and give your space some life.

Wall Decor
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Stage and Display

It's time to sell that house and make a profit. Not so fast...let us get your home ready by doing what we do best. We focus on attracting buyers with a space they can see themselves living in.

Modern Decor
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